Monday, August 25, 2008

A very, very Merry Christmas

Our journey to pregnancy and parenthood started with me throwing out the rest of the birth control pills on Christmas Day 2005. At age 26, surely it wouldn't be long before we would be parents...or so I thought.
18 months and 4 medically induced periods later my husband told me I was pregnant on May 20, 2007. I have learned that a year and a half to struggle through (unexplained) infertility issues is actually not that long of a time, however as many of you know each month brings a flood of so many emotions and (for me) let down after let down of seeing no pink line. Finally 6 weeks after taking my last round of Clomid my husband asked me to take another HPT. He has been promoted at work and was moving out of state the next week (while I stayed around to finish out my school year) and he wanted to know. I, on the other hand, did not want to know. I was so tired of taking, and failing, test after test. So that blessed morning I took the test and he read the results. Sitting there in bed, I knew it was negative again. Eric was in the bathroom much longer than necessary to just look at a stick and see if there was a line on it or not. After what seemed like eternity, he literally bounced out of the bathroom singing, "You're going to be a mommy! You're going to be a mommy!"
Nine celebration filled months later I delivered two perfect, healthy babies on Christmas Eve morning (37 weeks exactly). I had possibly one of the easiest, most uneventful twin pregnancies ever and an absolutely wonderful delivery with my husband and mother there to welcome Kiernan and McKenzie to the world! Coming full circle, our journey to parenthood started on Christmas Day 2007 when we were able to bring home our 1 day old twins. The past 8 months have been full of more love, happiness, joy, excitement and celebration than I ever could have imagined. The stress and sadness from that dreaded 'we're trying' period seems like a lifetime ago when I look into the eyes of my son and daughter. A quick shout out to all my Nestie Mamas---thank you so much for everything! This online community of caring has truly amazed me. The support, knowledge, and advice from you ladies has had a tremendous impact on the mother that I am today. One of my biggest joys now is to reply to posts from pregnant and new mamas going through things that were so very important to me on my back to the community that helped me so much!

Thank you,

Trina, Kiernan and McKenzie

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