Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a kid at heart's hearts

A little background:
In September of 2002 I started college. Just one short month later I started dating a great guy. Things instantly started to progress from a simple romance. Seven months into the relationship we were engaged. Two years later to the day we were married and the following year birth control went in the trash.

Our journey:
We started out like everyone else just having fun. Three months into trying we decided we needed to see what was going on and try charting. My charts were crazy and with 9 months of charting only showing 3 cycle where I ovulated we went to talk to a Dr. We were told we were young (both of us 23), we had time, go home keep trying and try not to worry. So we went home continued to chart another 6 months. Cycle 19 did something I had never had happen, it wasn't ending. After taking many pregnancy tests we once again headed to the doctor. She gave me a medication to bring on menses and waited to see me at her other office. When we went we brought the 19 months of charts. Only 8 showed that I ovulate. Finally a doctor was going to help me. A load of tests were done on both me and DH all came back clear. She decided that it might help if I lost a few pounds. With her help I lost 40. At that point she said we could start trying again and I was put on 50mg clomid. This was my 24th cycle off birth control. Testing during the cycle showed that I responded to the drug but did not have progesterone high enough to support pregnancy. She asked us if we wanted to try again. After discussing things we decided to give it one more shot then we would take a break. So with the same regiment we tried again. I got the best Masters graduation gift... I was pregnant.

From baby to babies:
At 6 weeks we were given an internal ultrasound. It showed one beautiful baby the size of a rice grain. (the x's below are on the head and tail of the baby)
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Our second appointment gets scheduled for 5 weeks later. We show up for the appointment and the doctor is running late which is fun because we are the last appointment of the day so that DH can be there as it is. I am on pins and needles waiting as the room starts to clear as the other patients go in, out, then leave. Finally we get called. We go back and the doctor comes in. She gets the ultrasound machine out to check on the baby. A concerned look comes over her face and she tells us she is having some difficulty seeing the baby she would like us to go back out to the waiting room and she wants us to see a special tech (the best in the practice). I'm shaking. Dh is trying to be strong. We go out and wait. At this point we are the only ones in the room and staff is leaving for the night asking us if anyone knows we are there. Finally we are called back again and taken into a new room full of machines and screens. I lay back, DH sits next to me and the special tech starts the ultrasound. Not even two min into it she says "both babies look great" and smiles at us. BOTH?!?! I look at DH and he is all smiles. I start to cry as she shows us....

There they are. Their first picture together. I cry more. In the hour and a half that we had been in the office we waited to see the baby, thought we lost the baby, then found out we had two babies.

Adjusting to the thought:
Dh had a lot easier time adjusting to the idea of twins than I did. From the time we found out we were pregnant he was saying it was twins. When we saw at the first u/s there was only one baby I actually said "ha! you were wrong". It took me 4 out of the 5 weeks between the first and second appointment to get him to stop saying it was twins. Then he got his "ha!" moment. Our twins were due Jan 22 2009.

As time has passed we accepted the idea of twins and moved onto the actual planning and prepping for the twins. Dh got a new job. I hold two degrees and a credential for a stagnant profession in my state (teaching in CA). We were torn with how much we can prepare and store before we move and what needs to get done with twins rapid approaching. We finally moved and were able to set up a nursery.

For being pregnant with twins my pregnancy was for the most part an easy one. I made it to 29 weeks without a single complication. At that point a little bout of preterm labor put me on a med (Terbutaline) and bed rest. I spent 5 weeks on the med and then was taken off because of the effects of being on it to long. At this point they weren't going to stop it if I went into labor again. I lasted another 2 weeks on bed rest before a NST turned into delivery. On Dec 27th 2008 at 8 am we went in to look at the babies and Dh told them if we were going to be here another 6 hrs like last time he wasn't leaving without babies. Well we didn't leave without babies.

About 10 min after Dh's last phrase they came in and told me they were going to prep me for a c-section because they didn't like that baby b's heart rate was dropping. I would have my babies at noon I was told. By 9 am I was being shaved and such. My Dr came in and said get me ready now. By 10 I was in the OR on the table. At 10:30 my boys were born. Owen Carlos (5 lb 4 oz 18.5 in) and Ethan Joseph (5 lb 9 oz 18.5 in). Recovery was interesting but my new life is more interesting.

I'm one of the lucky ones I was able to carry my boys to 36 weeks and they got to come home when I did.

Life is challenging and rewarding. I will never forget the first time they smiled at me. Each of my sons are his own person with unique looks and personalities. Owen is my little looker and an independent soul. Ethan is a lover and a mommas boy. I cant go out in public without questions or looks from strangers and sometimes the sleepless nights get to you but I wouldn't change it for the world. These two little boys stole my heart the first time I saw theirs beating and they melt it every day with all the new things they are learning.

I know we will get through this and enjoy every min. of our new path. For those times when we feel we cant we know we have the love and support of each other, our families and a great group of women that have come together to form the largest family I have ever seen. Though I have never met any of these women in real life every day they are there helping, holding, lifting up, calming down and talking others though what can be an overwhelming time.

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