Friday, August 22, 2008

and Baby(ies) make 5?

When my husband and I married in April of 2005 we had made a choice not to have any children together. My husband had a daughter from a previous relationship and we wanted to keep our DINK (double income no kids) type of life-style.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2006. After many discussions and a lot of time spent thinking, we decided that I would go off birth control and just see if we were meant to have children. Month after month, NOTHING happened. No period, no baby. By the summer of 07 we decided that our window was closing and maybe there was something wrong. It was time to go and see a doctor. My eggs weren't getting any younger and neither were me and my sweetie.

After several tests, including a good old fashion "flushing" of my ovarian tubes, I was told that for various reasons, I wasn't ovulating. I allowed myself to get into a funk, thinking that maybe God didn't want me to have children or that something I had done in my past was causing this. Our RE gave us several options and after having many theological discussions my husband and I decided where our line in the sand would be. I didn't think I could stomach IVF so we would quit before we had to make that decision.

We were given Clomid (50mg) and by the end of September I was pregnant! I tested 5 days earlier than I was supposed to. The test came up positive before I could even finish peeing on it. HOLY SMOKES! We went into the dr the next day for the blood tests and that night I told my husband I thought it was twins. We knew there was a small chance but didn't really think it would happen to us. How grateful I am that it did!

The pregnancy was rough. I ended up with gestational diabetes, irritable cervix, pre term labor, funneling cervix, a terrible rash and finally on bed rest at 32 weeks. I felt like I was going to pop!
It was my biggest challenge, but we made it! At 37 weeks our perfect babies were born.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy and birth of our twins took a bit of a toll on my marriage but we are working through it. My husband and I have been seeing a therapist and we discovered that we have issues in communication (as in we don't do it) and truly our problems had nothing to do with the babies. In all actuality the birth of our children probably saved our marriage.

So now, here we are! Awaiting the challenges that we will face, grateful our past challenges are behind us. Having two babies is truly a miracle and I count it as such a blessing. I salute all mothers but especially those of multiples. We share a special bond as sisters. One that others will never understand unless they have been there.

Here's to my sisters, may you always know how incredible you REALLY are!

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