Monday, August 25, 2008

Unforgettable Moments

Six months, two weeks and three days ago my life changed forever! Our beautiful twin boys, Ryan and Owen, were born via c-section at 36 weeks and they have captured my heart ever since.

Zach and I found out we were expecting just 6 weeks after being married. We knew we wanted to start a family right away and couldn't wait to see our little baby's heart beat during that first ultrasound. Right away the technician stated "I think there are two in there." My heart skipped a beat and I immediately thought, "Two what?!"

After some further investigating there certainly were two little heartbeats strong as can be and the state of shock kicked in! We laughed and cried and laughed! An unforgettable moment.

Fast forward to 12 weeks later. During a level two ultrasound, it was discovered that the twins appeared to be at risk for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. One baby was considerably smaller and had less fluid surrounding him. The doctor immediately started throwing out options like laser surgery and fetus reduction. I had never been so scared. Another unforgettable moment.

After talking with the nurse, bringing home some frightening literature and then "Google-ing" it we were scared to death for our unborn babies. Enter "The Nest" and the beautiful women I reached out to on the Multiples board. Many MoMs had gone through this and were filled with valuable information allowing me to catch a few hours of sleep that night.

We contacted our regular OB who referred us to a hospital 2 hours away with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist with experience in TTTS. He ordered weekly ultrasounds and modified bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was 18 weeks along. He then reassured us that it will be o-kay and for the first time we felt confident that our little ones would be o-kay. An unforgettable moment. We continued to drive 4 hours every Thursday to check on our little ones. At around 28 weeks we started going twice a week and my husband was always at my side.

Finally, at 36 weeks my OB decided to induce me. After 6 hours of labor, little Owen's heartbeat began to drop dramatically. They wheeled me off into surgery and both babies were in daddy's arms within 30 minutes! I couldn't stop crying when I heard their little cries and just kept thanking God over and over! The most unforgettable moment!

Being a MoM has many challenges but I would not change it for a second. I love the support I get from the wonderful women I have met on the Multiples board and consider them all my "friends". Though we have never met, we all share a connection that leads us to lean on eachother through good moments and bad moments and I am forever grateful.

Heres to unforgettable moments!

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