Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The BEST and the WORST day of my life...

We were excited to find out we were pregnant with our 2nd child. On our 5th week, I started bleeding and immediately got an ultrasound to find out if our baby was okay. As the tech looked at the screen, my husband and I quietly, but anxiously waited for her findings. Then, she showed us the heartbeat of our baby. The tears welled up in my eyes because I was so happy to see that our baby was okay. Then the tech paused and said, “Baby is okay….and here we see another sac.” Of course not knowing what that meant, in my head I wondered, “Sack of what??....Sack of potatoes, sack of rice???” Well, she elaborated and told us the best news….we were expecting twins!!!
My pregnancy was great! We found out were were expecting a boy and a girl. The pregnancywas a challenge, yes, but knowing that there were 2 babies inside me, it made everything bearable and worth it. However, the great pregnancy I had was about to bring the worst day of my life.
It happened at about the 37th week of our pregnancy when we came in for our routine Non-stress test. As the test went on, we were told that one of the twin's heartrate was dipping. An emergency c-section was needed – immediately. So I was rushed to the operating room and within the hour, my husband and I heard the first cry. Noah came out screaming and we were thankful that he was okay. And so we waited for Isabella, our precious little girl. We waited and waited. I didn’t hear her cry yet. No cry. Where was my little girl? What was going on? There was something wrong.
Our little girl was born lifeless. She had no heartbeat. No breathe. No movement. She had an Apgar score of 0. Her limp body was “worked on” to try to resuscitate her. My heart broke. The NICU nurses told us that she was finally intubated in an attempt to revive her.

In what seemed like forever, she miraculously took her first breath! She was literally brought back to life and my heart made whole again. She was such a fighter! She bounced back so quick that she even extubated herself! She’s had enough of the tubes and wanted to let everyone know that she was okay.
That hour of my life was the best and the worst. This story is the greatest and the hardest story I will ever tell. Knowing that my daughter came out limp and lifeless, just breaks me, but knowing that at the end, we were able to bring home both our son, Noah, and our little miracle, Isabella, gave us hope and really made us thankful for every breath each of our child takes.

a.k.a. gr8joy

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