Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here We Go.....

Where do I begin? All the background seems so long ago to me, so boring in comparison to what we have now. I met my husband in 1998, and we were married in 2005. We both wanted children, and like most couples, thought that as soon as we started trying, we would get pregnant. We were so wrong. After one year with no luck, I met a wonderful doctor who said, "Give me two months and I will make you a mom." After mopre needle sticks than I care to remember and a lucky IUI on 07.07.07, I was pregnant. The doctor ordered a blood test to confirm my pregnancy. My beta number was good (398). I had a repeat test 24 hours later to see if the number had doubled. It was over 1400. The nurse told us "It could be nothing, it could be multiples." For two long weeks my husband Scott and I both wondered what exactly was growing.

On August 1, 2007 I had my first ultrasound. I remember the doctor saying, "Here is Baby A".... and I knew if there was an A, there had to be a Baby B! We were both in shock then, and honestly, we are still in shock some days.

My pregnancy was pretty smooth. It was such a great time--strangers are randomly nice to you, you can eat tons of food, and you can get back rubs all the time! As a nurse, I work long shifts that are physically demanding, so I was not too surprised when, at 28 weeks, I went into preterm labor and was told to spend the rest of my pregnancy on the couch. As my stomach grew bigger, and bigger I still could not believe that there were two babies inside. It blew my mind that twenty little toes were wiggling in there. I still can't understand how they both fit in there!

On March 5, 2008 Mackenzie Grace and Alexander James were born. It was the most intense, amazing moment of my life. I can not imagine anything else ever comparing to it. When I was wheeled into the OR and saw two isolettes there, I realized, for the first time how real this was. I was going to be a mom to TWO children!!! Both babies were healthy and we were able to take them home less than 48 hours later.

As a twin parents, Scott and I think of everything in twos: Make two bottles! Grab two bibs! Find two pacifiers! Like any other parents, we get exhausted, but we also have two extra arms to cuddle us, and two cute little mouths to smile at us.

I can honestly say, I love my life. Sure, I would love to fit back into my old jeans and I would love to be financially comfortable. But I would so much rather start each day listening to Alex and Kenzie babbling away in their nursery, watch them look amazed as they play with their hands, sniff that sweet baby smell, feel their silky soft hair. I never knew life could be this good.

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