Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A sweeter life…

Most people would say how could life get much sweeter than owning a bakery…well it can! On May 10, 2008 my life as a MOM began with the birth of our boys Colton and Cooper, fraternal boys born at 37w6d at 6lbs 7oz each and 20” long.

Our lives have always been filled with a bit of adventure…from running off and getting married in the Bahamas just the two of us to my dreams of owning my own bakery to traveling every spare moment that we have to our favorite little town on the Pacific coast of Mexico where we plan to move and raise our children in the next five years.

We were a happy and content couple with two fur babies (Forrest and Bubba our golden retrievers) when the itch to add to the family became insatiable. I needed to have a baby! It took about a year before Scott was ready to commit…four months of trying and bam I was pg! I must have peed on 10 test sticks and the lines just kept coming up!!! I should have guessed something was up from getting a positive test 6 days before a missed period, to the most HORRIBLE morning sickness (that I suffered from all the way thru!) to the extreme exhaustion. The day finally came for the U/S at 7w2d and in we went. Well the U/S machine was a new one and the sales rep was there teaching the tech how to use it. Up pops one baby and everything looked great! No need to see if there is another one. Well my pictures would not print so the tech said to go into my appointment and then she would figure out how to print my pics…so we go see the doctor and Scott then leaves to head to work and I head back to the U/S tech to get my pics.Well they would not print so she says “lemme do a quick one on your belly you have to have a first picture!” THE MOMENT SHE PUT THE DOPPLER ON MY TUMMY I SAW TWO BABIES! OMG my husband has left for work; I am alone and am freaking out!!!! I call Scott and I put the tech on the phone because their was no way he was going to believe me that there were two now LOL. All I can say was stunned silence came from the other end. For the next 30 weeks we watched as our little beans grew from looking like little gummy bears to the perfect babies they are today. I definite had my ups and downs with being pg with two babies from major morning sickness for the entire pg, to pre term labor brought on by dehydration ( this happened three times!) and trying to do way to much to having contractions 6-7 minutes apart for almost two weeks before they arrived!

People ask me all the time has my life changed and is it so hard having twins. First off my life is NOTHING like it was a year ago and I would not change it for anything. I owned a nationally recognized bakery that I have now closed and put it on the backburner for when I have the time to spend on that “baby”. I am a freelance baker now so that I can take on projects that won’t take me away from my children. I love being a Mom and am blessed to be able to stay home with my children. Now I cut coupons, shop at consignment shops for baby clothes, don’t go out and drop money like I used to but I love being home and I have no problem doing that! Our “nightlife” is now a game of Rummikub or cards with a baby on each of our laps! Sure I have rough days but even a Mom with one has rough days!

I tell people all the time that I know my life would twins would not be as organized and does not feel overwhelming ( 95% of the time) thanks to my ladies on The Nest. Without these women I know my pg would have been different and I know that raising two babies at once would have seemed like a mountain impossible to navigate. Not anymore…each of us is either one step ahead or behind the other with words of encouragement to make it thru the next phase in our blessed lives.

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