Monday, August 25, 2008

My Double Bubble

My husband and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter almost 19 months ago and now we will be welcoming two brothers for her in late September/early October! Our road to a family had some ups and downs, but we definitely feel that there is nothing more valuable than the lessons we have learned along the way.

My husband and I dated for about 6 years before we got married. We both knew we wanted a family, so we started trying to get pregnant shortly after we moved into our first house. I was pregnant within a few months, and we were ecstatic! Everything was going great! We had a great house, my husband had a new job that he loved and now the pregnancy... Our joy was short-lived, however...On the same day, I began to lose the pregnancy in the morning and by lunchtime, my husband had lost his job. He had been 'caught' sending information to his father about opening their own business up. The doctors gave me no real explanation for the loss of the pregnancy - just one of those things that happens.

A few months later, we started trying to get pregnant again and were successful! Things were looking up - my husband and his father had opened their business and it was going very well. My pregnancy went fairly well, although I did have to be induced due to high blood pressure at 39 weeks. Being a mother was the most wonderful job I've ever had, so when it came time to go back to work, I just couldn't do it! Luckily, I was able to work for my husband out of the house for about 6 months while also taking care of our daughter.

During those six months, we 'accidentally' got pregnant again. It was a complete surprise to us, but unfortunately, my body must not have been ready for it and it ended in another miscarraige. We decided to take our time and not try again for a while, since the second miscarraige had been especially hard on us. But, God had other plans for us!

I thought that maybe I was pregnant again, but I didn't want to take a test or even mention it to my husband, since we were still kind of healing from the previous miscarraige. When I was about 2&1/2 months pregnant, I finally took a test and it was positive. We were cautiously optimistic, but I think deep down, we both were afraid to lose another pregnancy. So, we went to the doctor's for confirmation and asked for an ultrasound, just to make sure there was a viable heartbeat. The midwife that did the impromptu ultrasound admitted she didn't do them all the time, but that she'd be happy to do one to set our minds at ease. So, I hopped up on the table and she showed us that wonderful, fuzzy picture of our child. As I looked at it through tears of happiness, I noticed another fuzzy ball and asked what it was. She looked at it and said, "I think that's another one!" Another what?????

The ultrasound techs squeezed us in for a "real" ultrasound to confirm the 'double bubble' and sure enough, there were two babies, each in their own sacks with strong heartbeats. We were shocked, but thrilled! As the weeks went by, we found out that we are expecting twin boys and they are more than likely identical. The pregnancy has been pretty non-eventful and now, with only another month or so to go, we are so excited to meet our boys and for them to meet their big sister. We can't for our family to be complete!

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