Sunday, August 24, 2008

Triplets for me.

My triplets are now 4.5 years old, it has really been a wild ride for us and I think that when I was pg with them was the start of the upswing of birth's and pregnancies of twins and triplets. Our story is much like many others on here. Dh and I had been trying to get pregnant since we got married, I knew because of my age and previous medical problems that I was going to need assistance to get pregnant, however we had to wait the required year in IL to start treatments. We started right off with IUI<>

I had honestly given up on getting pregnant, and expected a negative outcome of the treatment. Imagine my surprise when I got so sick at dinner at only 8 days past ovulation. At nine days I tested and it was positive. I was confirmed at the dr office on day ten. Three weeks later I was told triplets.

For a triplet pregnancy it was very uneventfull, I had a cerclage in at 11 weeks, mild/moderate bedrest following. The babies were born at 30 weeks and 3 days, and spent 28 days in the NICU. In the past four years we have gone through a lot but it was well worth every struggle and challenge.

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