Monday, August 25, 2008

Good things come....

Well, how many is it? That was our question when going in for an ultrasound with our fertility specialist.  I had been seeing a fertility specialist for a few months after being diagnosed with secondary infertility.  I had gotten pregnant with our first daughter, Brooke Olivia, pretty easily and she instantly became the love of our lives.  When we began to toss around the idea of baby #2 it took very little effort before I became pregnant again.  We were thrilled and Brooke was excited to become a big sister.  She went to all of my ultrasounds and would pat my tummy and say "baby." Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in an early second trimester miscarriage.  We were heartbroken not only for ourselves but that Brooke had lost her sister.
When we began trying again, I was pregnant the first month but again suffered another devastating miscarriage.  I sought the help of a fertility specialist to figure out why I couldn't stay pregnant.  He put me on medication to help regulate my cycles and sustain a pregnancy.  In two months I was pregnant again.  This time we knew I had ovulated 3 eggs so the big question was..How many babies? 
We were relieved and excited to find out that there were "only" two.  We could handle twins but triplets may have been out of our league.  I was extremely guarded but read everything I could about twin pregnancies.  I'm not really sure if the fact that I was going to give birth to TWO babies and bring TWO babies home with me really hit me until it happened.  I guess I just didn't believe that I was lucky enough to become a mommy again. 
  Although my pregnancy wasn't easy, I was able to carry my babies to term. Jared Michael and Jenna Paige were born March 31, 2008 and both weighed about 6lbs. I realized the moment they were born that everything I went through to bring these two gorgeous babies into the world was so worth it. They have taught me that sometimes the road to happiness isn't easy but it does work out in the end and good things are worth the wait.
Life with three kids can get pretty crazy sometimes but then I see the babies laughing at their big sister or her kissing them and teaching them something new and I stop and remind myself that this is all worth it. 

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