Friday, August 22, 2008

Three is the magic number.

It all start five years ago. I met my husband and we fell in love pretty quickly. We talked about marriage and kids about six months after we started dating. Three years later we were married. We had decided that we wanted to start a family pretty quickly, so after being married for a month we started trying. Still after six months of no luck, I went to my ob/gyn. He said that we were young and health and to come back in another six months. So the months went by and still nothing. The heartbreak started to set in that something might be wrong. We went through testing to determined unexplained infertility. We had the option of trying IUI or IVF. We choose IUI. We started our first cycle in November of 2007. I was sure the first time around wouldn't work. My husband was sure it would.

I will tell you how I knew I was pregnant, I was cooking pasta and homemade garlic bread one night for dinner. Well I completely burned the bread. So after we ate I was so tired I took a nap, leaving the bread to sit out. I got up from my nap to eat cold, burned garlic bread because I couldn't help myself. I later called my husband who told me I needed to test the next morning. I did and surprise two dark lines. I had never seem two lines before. I was in shock. That was Friday, our blood test was Monday morning. They called later that afternoon with the results. Not only was I pregnant but my beta number was really high. I think it was like 695. I was sure at that point it was twins. I just had a feeling it was more then one.
So a few weeks later was our first ultrasound. I wasn't even looking at the screen when the doctor said oh my!! That is never a good sign. Then he started counting. Baby A, Baby B and Baby C. What??? I said as my husband turned pale white. It's triplets he said. And that is where the triplet journey begins.
Everything went great throughout most of the pregnancy. In March we found out that we were expecting two girls and one boy. I was put on bed rest at the beginning of April and that is where I stayed until the babies were born. At around 30 weeks or so I started to have preterm labor. I was put on medication to stop the contractions. It was working until three days before the babies were born. On June 26, 2008 my water broke at 5:30 am. I was 33 weeks and 3 days. We were at the hospital by 6:00. Things went very quickly, we were waiting for the operating room to be available. Around 8:00 the nurse checked my because my contractions were so strong, I was 5cm already. Things picked up from there. My c-section my preform and by 8:53 Declan was born at 4lbs 5oz, followed by Emma Grace at 4lbs 1oz and a minute later Ruari at 4lbs 3oz. I heard each one cry and got to see them quickly before the headed off to the NICU. I was not able to see them until 10:00 that night. As soon as I saw them I fell in love. The girls spend a week and 2 day in the hospital and Declan spent two weeks.

So now they are 9 weeks old and all over 8lbs. We have been so blessed by all the love we get to share with our new family. If I could go back I would not change a thing.

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