Friday, March 27, 2009

Barb's Story (0Sept04Bride)

About Me...

I met my husband on a blind date, while I was in nursing school in Dec. 2000. I was 19 and he was 29. Despite the age difference, we hit it off right away and have been inseparable ever since. We said our vows on Sept 24, 2004 in front of 80 of our closest friends and family. I had always wanted to make traveling a priority before having kids, so we set off to explore the world.

"Are You Taking Fertility Medication?"

After a few trips to Europe and some home renovations we thought that it might be a good time to start our family. Three weeks later, I was pregnant. Although I'm thankful that we didn't have any difficulties getting pregnant, I wasn't expecting to have it happen so soon. A couple of days after finding out, I was getting ready for work, and announced to my husband that we were having twins. He told me that I was crazy and that I should be grateful that I was having a one baby. He also said, "Besides, twins are weird."

A day or two later, I developed abdominal pain and spotting. I called my OB and I went in for an ultrasound. I was 5w5d pregnant. I knew something was up, when the U/S tech asked me if I was taking fertility medication. She then announced that we were having twins. Our initial reaction was laughter. Our laughter soon turned to tears of joy.

And So Our Journey Began...

Thankfully, my pregnancy was pretty uneventful. On Feb 21,2008 we welcomed Trent Stevan and Natalie Ruth into our lives. Although we had some difficult moments during our first year as a family, I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I once thought that people who had singletons were lucky because they had it easier than I did. Now, I realize that I'm the lucky one-I have two sets of arms that hug me, two sets of lips that kiss me, and two little hearts that will always be mine.


Lindsay Pierson said...

What a sweet story. Your babies are precious!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Dropped in from Lynsi's comment and how special a story! Your kiddos are adorable! What a great site!