Friday, March 27, 2009

March 2009 Update From Pam (Pea-Kay)

Wow, it's been half a lifetime since I wrote my entry. Literally, in the boys' case. They are now nearly 16 months old and have just started to walk. Life has gotten more and more fun with these guys. They've started to talk a little too. Every animal is a "cat", every sound is a "quack", and every food is a "cracker." We've discovered where they're ticklish and what they like to eat. We know their favorite books and how they dance. It's been such a joy getting to know these three little guys.

Linus is my big boy who loves to laugh. Oliver is my sweet, sensitive soul. And Miles will be your best friend within minutes of meeting you (especially if you have some cake!)

It's really amazing. Right now, they change so much every day. Every afternoon when I pick them up from daycare, I wonder what new trick they've learned. Or what new bruise they've acquired because of their wobbly gait. They've just started giving kisses and hugs, which makes the temper tantrums a little easier to bear, too.

I'm so proud to be the mama of these sweet boys - and I'm also proud to say I am getting much better at telling them apart!

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